Mommy & Lucas Date

Last weekend, on Saturday, Lucas and I went on a date. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs, we left Asher with Daddy and headed out to have some fun by ourselves. We started off with a trip to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Lucas has been there exactly three times in his life. I think I earned big points by letting him eat junk food like doughnuts. My favorite thing about that place is the machine that makes, rises, fries, and frosts the doughnuts: I actually think the doughnuts are gross. Anyway, he chose the doughnut shaped and decorated like an Easter egg. The allure of sprinkles is apparently irresistable to a 4-year-old.

We bought a new pirate jigsaw puzzle at Once Upon A Child, which is across the parking lot from the doughnut shop. I took the opportunity to grab a couple of 5T clothing items for him.

Then we headed over to Sunrise Mall. He played in the indoor play area (weird Alice-In-Wonderland inspired climbing structures, tunnels, slides, etc.) After a while we went to the Hallmark store and got a free balloon.

The Easter bunny was there at the mall, and kids were getting their photos taken with him. At first Lucas wasn’t interested. Then he changed his mind and said he wanted to sit with the bunny for a picture. I wasn’t too keen on paying $20 for a bunny portrait, but then Lucas suggested that we both sit with the bunny for the picture. I relented, reasoning that this was our date and if we got the picture, we’d have a nice memento. OK. We got in line. Exactly 60 seconds later, Lucas is cowering in tears behind me. He changed his mind again and decided he didn’t want to go anywhere near that bunny.

“OK, OK! This was your idea. I thought you wanted to take the picture. We don’t have to do it. I’m not going to make you sit with a giant, stranger bunny! Let’s go!” I tried to reassure him.

Unfortunately, our sugar indulgence bit us on the behind. The crash was upon us. As we left the mall, Lucas begged me in sequence for a smoothie, a pretzel, ice cream. Oh, and there is a food court at Sunrise Mall now. We listened to the guitarist playing in honor of its grand opening.

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