Sweet Summer


This is how our summer began. We took a trip to Tahoe in early June. At first it was just me and the boys, then Ian joined us for the last part. I learned last year how valuable it was to launch the summer with a trip, and repeating it this year was a good plan!

My lovely son #12yearold #summer #woods

Summertime is special time. I know it in my bones. For my children, summer is such a gift of freedom and light, with opportunity both to be in their bodies and to drift away on daydreams. Exploring the woods, freezing in the lake water, shifting the sand through their fingers—these are all precious experiences, for them and for me. I am always pleasantly shocked by the color of the sunlight through leaves.

Tahoe valley #summer #tahoe #nature #woods


I spent many happy summer weekends here as a girl. I wanted to give that to my children too.


Aspens #summer #tahoe #tree

#summer #boys #wild #tahoe

We had some wonderful beach time, and some forest time.


#summer #boys #wild #tahoe

Little John on his fallen log #summer #boys #wild #tahoe #nature

Here’s “Little John.” This fallen log forms a bridge across the creek.

Road trip #summer #boys #tahoe #mamaandbaby #mamainthepicture #12yearold

#summer #flowers #tahoe

I love these blue flax flowers.


We had the dog beach almost completely to ourselves when we visited. The breeze was quite chilly.







(Almost 7 and a half)


Hiking Tallac trail #summer #boys #wild #tahoe #nature

We had a great hike on the Tallac trail, above Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake. The views were stunning.

Hiking Tallac trail #summer #boys #wild #tahoe #nature


Just some of the mountain wildflowers blooming in the Tahoe forest in June.  #summer #flowers #tahoe #nature #woods #wild

These are some of the wildflowers we found during this early summer trip. So pretty.

Obviously I’m way behind in my blogging, but nevertheless, here’s a vision into our sweet summer. Maybe posting this now is actually good, as I’m working on hanging onto this full and optimistic feeling as we now enter the final month of summer vacation.

Our love to all. We hope your summertime is full of sweetness too.

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