Saying Yes

“Can I wear my snow gear to school today? It’s wet outside.”


“Let’s walk, Mama!”

“In the rain?”

“Yeah! I have my boots. It’s fun!”

“Yes, it is. Let’s go.”


Do you ever have days when it seems like all that comes out of your mouth is no? I do. Do you ever find that all those noes, which are of course reasonable, justifiable, appropriate to the present circumstances, etc., seem to pile on top of each other until you and your children are smothered in them? I do.

I find that some days the noes are so very heavy, and they accumulate in great drifts of disappointment and anger. They’re depressing. They’re aggravating. They cause trouble.

In an avalanche of noes, tempers flare. We bash into one another emotionally. My stress levels rise. The children bicker more.

Even when every no placed on the pile is the well-meaning kind, sooner or later, the mountain looms, casting shadows and sucking the fun out of the day.

I’m trying to be mindful of this. I’m trying to turn my noes into yeses. Yesterday was a Yes Day. I just resolved to say yes as often as possible.


“When we get home, can I go play outside? I want to pick some rosemary to make my rosemary tea.”


“Can I put some lemon in it?”

“Sure, honey.”


“Can we have popcorn with Parmesan cheese for snack?”



“Can I light my special birthday candle that my teacher made for me?”

“Your May Pole candle? In December? Um … yes.”

May Pole Birthday Candle in December


“Mama! You come and play with me in the playroom?”

“Yes, OK.”


“Can we have a fire in the fireplace?”

“Yes. That sounds nice.”


“Can we eat a bit of chocolate?”

“A little, yes.”


“Mama! You come and be the tickle love monster and you chase us!”

“Yes! Here I come!”


“Mama, will you please snuggle me?”

“Oh, yes!”

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