37 Weeks, 2 days

Although the average length of pregnancy is around 40 weeks, we have officially reached “full-term” status. Lucas was born at 37 weeks and 3 days. This doesn’t really have any bearing on this pregnancy or serve as a predictor, but it’s interesting to note, and it has me thinking.

This past weekend, my darling friends threw a small party for me at my mother’s house. Thank you No-No! It was fun and low-key. Ian and I didn’t want a “shower” per se, as we really don’t need much stuff for this new baby and our lovely friends should spend their hard-earned money on themselves. Instead, we asked for baby blessings and forced people to write them down in a blank book for our baby. There were no degrading baby shower games, such as races to change a dolly’s diaper or guessing how many inches around I am right now—Thank God! Instead, there was yummy food, goodwill, friendly chatting, homemade pumpkin pie (Thank you, Grl_fury!), and we got to distribute long-burning “church” candles in the hopes that our community will burn a candle for us while we labor and send their prayers for a safe, strong, short, normal, nonmedicated, Birth Center birth out into the universe. I love the thought of my friends and family burning dozens of candles for us while we work to bring this baby into the world. The party that helped kindle some excitement in me and spurred some good daydreaming about the future when we have our second child. I’m deeply touched and grateful.

I also got to show off the WONDERFUL pregnancy/family photos that Frostee and T8 took for us a couple of weeks ago. When I have digital pics, I’ll post some.

We’ve been working on all kinds of nesting projects around the house since Christmas. Some of them are directly related to readying our space for a baby, some are just things we’ve been putting off for a long time. January is always a good time to reorg, throw out old stuff, make space, etc.

* bedroom curtain is hung
* bedroom closet cleaned, with neat new stacking drawers to store all the clothes that were strewn haphazardly on a shelf
* artwork hung on bedroom walls
* new bedroom clothes dresser (Xmas gift from mom and dad) is stocked
* old full-sized bed in baby’s room is gone
* books are purged
* baby crib is built
* cloth diapers are washed and ready
* newborn and 3-6 month clothes are washed and ready
* new clothes dresser for baby (Xmas gift from RoRo) is stocked
* arms-reach co-sleeper is built and ready for baby in our bedroom
* infant car seat has been dragged out of the garage. It needs a cleaning and then installation

The mural painting has begun. I posted this picture once before, but here it is again.

I’ve got most of the background watercolors in place and am starting to fill in the acrylics on top. It’s going to take a long time to complete the painting, but I’m enjoying the project immensely. I have an association with mural painting and going into labor because that’s what happened with Lucas: I finished painting his mural and went into labor that same day. Maybe it’s the squatting to reach the low spots?

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  • foseelovechild
    January 17, 2007 at 10:44 am

    I fell in love with that book, I think the picture is going to be wonderful on your wall. I think it’s brave of you (that statement comes out of my lack of skill in the visual art world, I’m more into physical art)

    Love you!


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