A Weekend’s Worth of Adventure

Just packed Lucas off to grandma’s house for the day so I can work. Totally swamped with projects right now and feeling exhausted, even though I just had a weekend. I worked both Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, Lucas and Ian went to the zoo for a few hours. Apparently, Lucas spent more time chugging around the zoo than looking at the animals. Whatever. They got out together for a while. I’m happy when they can do special things together. Ian gets too little time with him. Later on Saturday, even I got out of the house for a while to go to the park to picnic with friends. Foseelovechild and Grlfury, Kimkimkaree and AndrewRed, Thaemos and Pirategirl, Dakini_grl, Zindalo and us all ate together and played on the playground. Thaemos really has a way with kids. He carried Lucas around on his shoulders and together they built some pretty awesome sand castles. Well—Thaemos built them and Lucas stomped them down to dust.

Those three hours outside and away from my house were very therapeutic for me. Sometimes I really feel trapped here because I live and work in the same place. My work is always calling to me because it’s never done and I never get away from it. I’m considering getting a laptop so I can work elsewhere once in a while. Maybe I’ll even set up a work station at Dad’s office just to get out of the house sometimes.

Sunday we went to church at the UUSS. Glen decided to join us, which I must say was rather weird. The UUs are an extremely liberal group of people and he’s definitely what they call a neo-con. Naturally, the sermon was on the very controversial issue of peace and pacifism. We were all made uncomfortable by the inadequate mix of Glen’s oil with UU (and our) water.

Afterward, we were able to present Kelly with the Mother’s Day present we had for her. Perhaps I mentioned that we took Ambrosia to get her portraits taken at Penny’s a few weeks ago? Well, they turned out beautifully, and we gave them to Kelly as a late Mom’s Day present. I had been a little nervous about how this gift would be received. I thought maybe it was a little psycho to borrow someone else’s kid and take her for pictures, but Kelly loved the gift. So, yay!

Later on Sunday, NoNo and MrPlanet4 joined us for lunch. We barbequed chicken and enjoyed the humid, hot and rainy weather outside.

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