About Asher

Asher has a favorite color, it seems: yellow, pronounced “LELL-oh.” The other colors he seems to like best are pink and purple.

Asher has become attached to a yellow sponge—the kind you would clean your kitchen with. Weird.

Asher’s favorite animal seems to be the hippopotamus. “HEEP-ohs!”

Asher has become very interested in tools! Just like baby Lucas was.

Asher gets very aggravated if Lucas touches mommy’s “milks.” Asher gets very aggravated at Lucas pretty frequently, like when Lucas touches his yellow sponge. “NO PLAY MY YELLOW SPONGE, LUCAS!”

Asher is trying with all his might to control the whole universe. He would especially like to control me utterly. His tantrums now include ear-splitting shrieks at pitches high enough to make your eyes bleed. He has not yet concluded that these displays are a waste of time, despite that he gets no attention for them, nor whatever he is shrieking for. I have to commend his persistence. The Force is strong with this one.

For example: The other day he threw a full-blown tantrum because I wouldn’t give him a chocolate bar. Ya just gotta laugh when he dashes his body to the floor (in slo-mo) and beats the ground with his fists.

Another example: A few weeks ago I had some shopping to do at Target and Asher wanted to walk instead of ride in the shopping cart. I bullied him into the cart anyway and he screamed his way through Target for 20 minutes or so. People stopped and stared at us. I put on my most gracious and serene face and smiled at all of them.

“Hello. Isn’t this beautiful weather we’re having?” I asked them.

“What a lovely color that is on you!” I said.

“Oh this Tazmanian Devil here? Why, yes. He’s 2.” I placidly replied.

Suck it up, Target shoppers. I am not embarrassed.

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