Asher Update — 11 Weeks

Asher is 11 weeks old now! He’s a very animated little guy, always looking around, always moving. In fact, his body is only still when he’s in a deep sleep. I often think that his twitching limbs prevent him from sleeping when he’s tired. Holding and cuddling a baby to sleep is a matter of immobilizing him so he can drift off! — come to think of it, the same is true of almost 5-year-olds!

Asher is losing his hair all around his head, just like Lucas did. He still has thick, straight hair at his neckline and a tuft on top that is a reddish brown. The new hair that’s coming in is blond.

His eyelashes are now incredibly long and his eyes are still a dark blue. They follow me around the room. His face lights up when I approach him to pick him up. I carry him in the sling a lot. (But not as much as I’d like to. It makes my back sore sometimes.) We bought Ian a sling of his own, so now he uses it to sling Asher too.

In the evenings, the sling is often the only thing that will keep Asher calm. The other night, he was crying so hard and so long, Ian took him for a ride in the car. (I cannot work or even think when he’s screaming like he’s in pain.) We try like hell to help Asher sleep through those evening hours of 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Lucas doesn’t like the screaming, but he also doesn’t like being told to be quiet all the time. Poor guy. We had a picnic dinner in the living room the other night because I was rocking a sleeping Asher in the rocking chair and I didn’t dare disturb him for fear he’d go off again.

He is starting to discover his hands. In certain positions he can bring them together and explore his own fingers. This is very cool! The next major skill will be developing binocular vision, so that grasping at objects can follow.

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