At Home

Detail: Unfinished Oil Painting

I don’t have enough website savvy to go dark today in protest of PIPA and SOPA legislation, but I can encourage anyone who happens to stop by here today to oppose it. Go here or here to sign petitions to stop internet censorship.

Erector Set

In other news, things are chugging along here at home nicely. While I went to painting class last night and worked on the painting you see above, my fellas all stayed home and had a great evening together. They got out the erector set and built robots and mechanical whirligigs for fun, played with Legos, and read some Winnie the Pooh together. This is made of win-win. My painting isn’t finished so I get to work on it again next Tuesday.


The little dog Solstice is now officially a member of our family. Ian bought him a tag and took down the signs. He has settled in so beautifully it’s really no surprise. He is exceptionally mellow and does a lot of sleeping and snuggling all day and all evening.

Solstice at Home

But he’s always ready to play and prances about in a very sprightly manner. He doesn’t like to be left home alone so we take him along as often as we can. This morning he bounded into Ian’s car to go to school with the boys. We had to remind him he was staying home with me today.

Babies Asleep

And this is about as cute as can be. He barks once or twice when someone approaches the front door, and at this moment is lying on the couch grumbling because the yard guys are here. But he greets everyone with great friendliness and seems to be happy here.

I’m working, but not too much. The kids are healthy. I should be planning Asher’s birthday party but so far I’ve not really gotten anywhere with it. He wants a jungle birthday; last year he had a jungle dragon birthday, so I’m not sure what to do differently. Certainly our garden doesn’t look very jungly at this time of year. It’s bare and a little frost burned.

January Home

January Home

January Home

January Home

January Home

I went looking for some places of peace and quiet around here and this is all I found. There are heaps of laundry to do and Legos all over the place. It’s an endless stream of chores. And while I’ll soon go and do some of them, I feel pretty good about stopping in here to write a bit just the same. Life is good and I get to enjoy it.

3 Responses to “At Home”

  • Kestrel
    January 18, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    I stumbled over your blog via a flickr group. I’m so glad I did! It looks wonderful. Happy New Year.


  • Janice Calpo
    January 19, 2012 at 10:05 am

    That is such great news about Solstice! I just know he is part Golden Retriever too… His manner and his spunk and his friendlienss, not to mention his beautiful fur, are so much like my dog, Siena… I think Solstice is just about the best gift ever, and I am so glad you are all enjoying him! He has a great family now…


    • Sara
      January 20, 2012 at 11:31 am

      Thanks, Janice! Yes, we are all pleased with our decision. He’s just a great dog. I have a lot to learn about being a dog owner now. Hope you are well!


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