Busy Baby, Big Mama

This baby is very busy! He’s moving all the time.

Already baby’s movements in the middle of the night wake me up, and party time happens throughout the day, about every 1.5 hours. (Lucas was the same way, I think, but it’s kinda hard to remember. I do remember that the circus show inside me started at 11 p.m. sharp every night.)

Anyway, I’m getting a picture of how my relatively normal diurnal life will soon change to a 24-hour clock. Nothing about having another baby scares me more than the sleep-dep that will/may lead to intense craziness and depression. (I’d better program that hotline number into my phone now.)

When Ian puts his hand on my belly to feel baby move, more often than not, baby stops moving and hides. When Lucas speaks to the baby and holds his hand on my belly, baby bumps right up against Lucas’s little hand repeatedly. Lucas’s eyes sparkle and he laughs. “Is that weird?” he asks. “Yes, It’s very weird,” I reply. Very cute.

What’s not cute is when Lucas gets mad at me and tries to punch me in the stomach. Impulse control is still not among his many skills.

There’s a ton of well-meaning, excited mommies around me now. People I now know through Lucas’s school. I’m getting those delightful comments that I so love to hear:
“Wow, you’re really pregnant now!”
“Gee, you just popped out!”
“You’re so much bigger now!”

I know there’s no escaping getting bigger. Baby’s gotta grow and it comes with the territory. But I’d sure love to escape the running commentary. Why’s everbody gotta comment on my size?! (And I’m still fairly little right now at 24.5 weeks! It’s only gonna get worse.) Anyway, usually, the commentary then continues with a compliment, like “Your skin is so lovely,” or “You’re just glowing.” I guess that’s supposed to make up for the sizecrack (like a wisecrack–get it?).

But going back to the part about there now being other mommies and other parents in my life: that part is ultimately really good. I feel good about the people I’m getting to know through Lucas’s school and I have high hopes that they will develop into a second community for us. When I had Lucas in 2002, the only mommies I knew were the Bennett mommies (Thank the gods for the Bennett mommies!). At times, though, I was very lonely in my new life role. I think this time it will be easier in that regard.

2 Responses to “Busy Baby, Big Mama”

  • chilipantz
    October 19, 2006 at 6:45 pm

    You are always beautiful. Always. Always. Always.

    And anyway, you are not getting bigger – the baby is. Think of it like a backpack…a rather poorly placed and loaded backpack, but nonetheless. OK, so a backpack (in the front, and awkwardly loaded)you can’t really put down or let someone else carry for 9 months…oh – and one that moves and does the mambo on your bladder, but. Ok, so the back pack anology doesn’t really work.

    Think of yourself like a beautiful kangaroo…


  • sarabellae
    October 25, 2006 at 12:13 am

    Call me Kanga.


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