Christmas Love

I’m trying to put into words how full my heart is right now. Our Christmas was wonderful, delightful, perfect. 

Last night, at the end of a busy but highly enjoyable Christmas Day, our home filled up with people who have captured our hearts and made us fall in love with them over and over again through the years. We had yummy Indian food to offer our guests. Ian made some wickedly good cosmopolitans. We had wine and fellowship, a party game that lasted for more than an hour, and a long visit from Ian’s father and his girlfriend Miriam. The house was warm and full of laughter and I was so very pleased to see everyone. Several people told me that our Christmas party is their favorite part of the holiday, which is such a marvelous compliment. I feel so honored to be living this life with these fantastically talented and loving friends. A beautiful angel in bluejeans from across the country surprised us with a visit. Long-lost friends who are survivors of the holy land of eastern Washington state were here. Bay Area transplants came back to Sacramento to attend. Beloveds that we see often and beloveds that we rarely see all came to the party. Thank you to all who came and helped to make our Christmas celebration complete and so special.

Many other beloved friends were sorely missed. We send our love out to you, near and far. We wish you safe, easy travels and happy homecomings. To those of you who live far away, we send our love and look forward to the next time we do get to spend time with you.

I have lots to say about extended blood-family stuff, most of which is good (or at least better than some years’ Christmases).  I might save this for another post.

Our two beautiful boys were a joy to be with and we are so grateful to have them. Lucas is the perfect age to enjoy every moment and aspect of the Christmas holiday, and his wonderment was inspiring. Santa Claus was very good to him. Asher’s first Christmas was a little hard on his sleeping schedule, but was otherwise beautiful. He weathered the disturbance of his normal rhythm with his usual cheery disposition. The meltdown I expected him to have never actually came. In a way, he was the embodied miracle—the babe who represents the world’s rebirth—well, he is that to me. I have more to say later about the boys’ Christmas, too.

At the moment, Ian and Lucas are putting together new Lego sets. Asher is trying his best to get in on the action, but Legos are verboten to him. The house needs some picking up, but it’s nothing too bad. Today is about relaxing and living in the Christmastide glow and eating leftovers. Maybe later we’ll ride bikes. My boys bought me the COOLEST bike in the world.

In sum, I am grateful.

2 Responses to “Christmas Love”

  • gypsy_ritsa
    December 26, 2007 at 3:25 pm

    Thank you so much for having us over– like so many others there, I think getting to relax and spend time with my very favorite people at your house is the best part of Christmas, too.


  • tshuma
    December 29, 2007 at 1:07 am

    It is wonderful, after the various surprises and stresses of a family celebration, to come to your house and see once again the family I choose, gathered together. Thank you for opening your home to us.

    I’ll admit, I got a little sad already thinking about next year, and how we’ll be in Kentucky instead of celebrating with you. =)


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