Easter Day

Easter Breakfast

Easter morning breakfast, including homemade apricot “sunny side up” pastries, from [amazon-product text=”Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” type=”text”]0312362919[/amazon-product].  My family ended up joining us here for an early Easter morning celebration.

Easter Altar

Treats from the Easter Bunny. On Easter Eve, we put out fresh carrots on this rock. In the morning we always find nibbled carrot ends, fresh fruits, flowers, and Easter baskets full of goodies. This year, there was a gift for the boys to share: a butterfly garden for watching caterpillars turn into painted lady butterflies!

Asher Finds His Chocolate Bunny!

Asher was quite amazed by the chocolate bunny in his basket. (Funny thing is, after eating a couple of bites on Easter Day, my children haven’t mentioned their Easter candy since, even though there is plenty leftover.)

A Butterfly Garden from the Easter Bunny

Unwrapping the butterfly garden.

Handmade Egg and Bunny from Mama

Here’s Asher showing off the bunny and egg I made. Lucas got one, too.

Still Hunting

Early morning egg hunt. There were some coins in the plastic eggs!

Thrift Store Bunny Easter Basket

Around the middle of the day, we had some free time to go for a nature walk. We revisted Miner’s Ravine in Granite Bay. It sprinkled on us a bit. The boys ate plenty of miner’s lettuce.

Miners' Lettuce Bouquet Miners' Lettuce

Many Greens Slight Rain

Fallen Tree Blocked Our Path

We found the trail blocked by an enormous fallen pine. Lucas thought we should forge through the branches.

My Love

My love.

Running Up the Granite Rock

At Miner’s Ravine there is a huge outcropping of granite. Lucas nimbly ran up it. He also climbed trees. We saw lots of butterflies and beetles, munched on miner’s lettuce, and wandered for a little while.

Then we headed over to grandma and grandpa’s house for an Easter afternoon. VoVo made yummy ham for sandwiches and Aunt Kellie made a gorgeous salad. The boys hunted (the same) eggs again and they came away with toy motorcycles from Easter baskets. It was a wonderful holiday.

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  • Alyss
    May 5, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    What a lovely day! And those pastries look fantastic.


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