About a week before Valentine’s Day, we received a short letter from Miss Jennifer, Lucas’s preschool teacher. All the parents received the same letter. It contained standard information that every parent needs to know–stuff like, please remember to keep a pair or rain pants and boots at school because it’s wet outside, and please help us build a chicken coop for Snowbell the chicken.

It also contained this message:

“It has been a busy month getting to know all our new friends. Now that they are getting more comfortable and becoming more friendly, kisses between friends have started. I tell the children that we save kisses for mommy and daddy. So if you hear this talk at home, please encourage your child to save his or her kisses for you.”

I read this and thought, why? What’s wrong with kisses between friends?

Later, I found out that Lucas is the kissing bandit. My own little Georgie Porgie. I’m so proud!

One Response to “Georgie”

  • flonkbob
    February 17, 2006 at 5:46 pm

    Go Lucas! Someone has to start getting these kids into the right mind-set, why not him? Kiss your friends! Hug your buddies! Real men plant smooches on everyone!


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