Good Day, Sunshine!

The sun is out! This is kind of electrifying after all the rain we’ve had this month.

I made a new contact at a big company that provides publishing services to many publishers today. He had already found an editor for his project, but I was able to send him my info and résumé and ask him to keep me in mind for future projects. It was a pleasant exchange and I’m fairly optimistic something might come of it. They do a lot of publishing for K-12 and that’s a new area I’d be interested in, and one for which my experience would be well suited, I think.

I’m looking forward to being able to point such potential clients at my new biz website and say, “Hey, check me out.”

I’ve got other irons in the fire now, too, and I’m kind of wondering if any of them will result in work. One possibility is that they all will, all at once. That’s a sobering thought, but also a happy one. I’m enjoying a tiny lull right now and spent part of the day invoicing.

The school fundraiser auction is coming up and I’m wondering what I might want to make and donate. Last year I needle felted some fairy folk and donated them along with a book of stories. One idea might be to sew another birthday bunting that might be included in a bigger “birthday package”-type auction item. But I’ve always wanted to needle-felt some seasonal dolls. Must think on this some more.

Tiptoes Lightly, Pepper Pot, and Pine Cone by moi

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  • Eagle Loft
    January 28, 2010 at 9:06 am

    Your fairy folk are lovely! I have been wanting to try needle felting but didn’t know where to start. Were you shown how by someone or did you learn from a book?


  • Sara
    January 28, 2010 at 10:02 am

    Thanks, Eagle Loft! I did go to a workshop in which we were shown how to create a “story person.” I made a similar gnome in the workshop. Then I bought my own supplies and just started. It’s amazingly easy to do. Needling the wool quickly molds and sculpts it into a 3D whatever-you-want. I’ve made bunnies and ducklings and birds and mice and all sorts of things with no internal skeleton at all. The figures of people need a pipe cleaner skeleton, I have found.


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