Goodbye to the Era of Orange Shag

Have a couple of moments just now. More aliens and ninja are on their way and will arrive in my inbox soon.
We had a really nice weekend. I didn’t have to work too much, and that was a treat. 

We have been feathering our nest, so to speak.

We bought some new bedroom furniture, including a chest and bedframe that match the dresser that my parents bought for us last year. I feel so grown up buying furniture and saying goodbye to the hand-me-downs I’ve had for so long! Since we had to take everything out of our bedroom anyway to get the new stuff in there, we decided to rip out our disgusting, old, orange shag carpet.      

I swear I feel LIBERATED! We’re free at last of that awful, ugly thing. That damn carpet was here when we bought our house eight years ago and we have hated it every day since then. We always intended to replace it, but there was always something else on fire, some higher-priority item needing to be purchased. We didn’t know what was actually under the carpet: hard wood? concrete? plywood? And since we didn’t know if we could live with the floor underneath, we hesitated to rip up the carpet, fearing the worst. Well, we finally did it. It’s gone and awaiting pick up by the county at our curb. Underneath was worn, hard wood floor. It’s not in the best shape, especially in the high traffic areas, but it looks savable. 

Lucas worked really hard and helped us pull out all the staples. I’m really very proud of him. He is such a little man now and loves to work on projects, especially if he can wield tools himself.

The new furniture was delivered on Saturday evening and we put it in the room atop the newly exposed floor. For now, the floor will do just fine until we can refinish it and/or get a rug. Our bedroom actually looks wonderful. It’s nice to fix up something for us, to create a more beautiful sanctuary for Ian and me.

Of course, fixing up one room always requires trashing others. We bought some new shelves from IKEA that will serve to carve out an office space for me in the living room. Eventually, my office will have to become Asher’s bedroom, so we’re taking the first steps toward that end now while we have some money in the bank. Lucas and Ian are joyfully anticipating HOURS of IKEA product assembly.

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