Great Weekend, Hell of a Week

Last weekend we went out of town to Mimi’s cabin near Strawberry (almost to the summit on Hwy 50). It’s a tiny old forest service cabin that she’s remodeled and made freakin’ gorgeous. We Wilsons had the upstairs to ourselves and Glen and Miriam slept downstairs on the closed-in “sleeping porch” with a view of the South Fork of the American River and surrounding forest.

I was a little nervous about spending two whole days and nights with Ian’s dad, but it was fine. Miriam is a gem to be around–so energetic, enthusiastic, and warm. I think she takes the edge off my interactions with Glen. Glen, unfortunately, wasn’t feeling too well (though not because of The Cold–see below). He wasn’t quite himself.

Our boys had fun and they didn’t destroy any of Miriam’s stuff, so that was great. We drove up to Echo Lake and took a boat ride across the lake to the far shore. There, we picnicked and hiked. Lucas is a fantastic hiker! He marches along saying things like, “I love a challenge. I like to do difficult things.” Ian had bought Lucas his own utility belt with an army canteen and a first aid kit–just like the one Ian had when he was a boy. Lucas kept asking, “Does anybody have an owie?!” Ian was kind enough to get a scratch and let Lucas doctor it for him. Lucas also swam in the frigid lake waters like a crazy kid (I do remember when nothing could keep me away from swimming, too). Even Asher seemed to enjoy himself despite his coming down with The Cold on Saturday night. Asher gazed around happily at the sky and lake and trees and never complained about being in the backpack. I think the baby really likes being outdoors. It pleases me to think so, anyway. (I only wish he weren’t quite so fair-skinned. I worry we’ll have a hell of a time protecting him from sunburn over the next, say, 18 years.)

What else did we do? Well, Lucas tromped around Miriam’s cabin, played in the little river throwing stones and splashing, and shot a stick arrow from a stick-and-rope bow that Ian fashioned for him. Asher and I took a wonderful nap by the river on a sandy bank in the shade. We ate terrific food at each meal. Ian and I both got to read a bit. It was a thoroughly lovely weekend. So nice to get out of town! This was my first weekend away from home since September 30 of last year!!!! Yes, that’s 10.5 months, folks.

Since we got back on Sunday evening, I’ve been editing my ass off. (I worked in the mountains, too.) The week’s not done yet and I’ve been going whole hog despite a severe lack of sleep and having sick kids, a sick husband, and then finally getting sick myself. I took Airborne early on, when I first started to feel symptoms (after everyone else in my family succumbed to The Cold) and I think it really worked! The Cold seemed to hit me less hard and lasted a shorter time than for everyone else, especially Lucas and Ian. I’m definitely not 100 percent, though.

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