Harvest Faire at Our Waldorf School

We had a marvelous day Saturday at the Sacramento Waldorf School’s Harvest Faire. I was delighted to be asked to shoot photos at the festival. So many amazing and talented people worked tirelessly to pull off this community event and fundraiser. Their dedication and attention to detail is visible in every scene I shot.

Harvest Faire Welcome Display

Welcome to the Sacramento Waldorf School Harvest Faire!

Asher and S in the Kindergarten Yard

This is Asher’s dear friend S, who goes to preschool with him. They had such fun in the Kindergarten yard, running and playing follow the leader. We saw two other dear preschool friends there, too. Asher was over the moon!


Asher got to see the puppet play of George and the Dragon, performed in the Kindergarten. It was delightful.

Puppet Show

I was so honored to be allowed to take pictures during the puppet show performance. These dedicated women (plus the narrator who is not pictured) are the Kindergarten teachers. They infuse love and light in everything they do.

Children's Store

The Children’s Store was full of inexpensive treasures for the little ones to buy, either for themselves or for their loved ones. Many of the items were handmade.

Country Store Wares

The Country Store was also full of lovely items, much of them handcrafted. Jams, honey, hats, decorations, toys, games, clothing, artworks, yarns and supplies—you name it. Here’s my Harvest Mother in the foreground, who sold early and for a good price, and the room’s nature table in the background.

Candle Dipping

The third grade parents offered beeswax candle dipping to Harvest Faire guests. (I got to help with setup on Friday, and Ian did two shifts on Saturday.) Candle dippers walked in a large circle, dipping their candlewicks in warm beeswax and then walking a few paces to let it cool, dipping in cool water, walking a few paces and then repeating. After a while, you have a nice candle that you can decorate. I saw one little girl pressing tiny seed beads into her fresh candle, to make a little mermaid design.

Paints for Gourd Painting

Paints for gourd painting: I’m kind of sorry I didn’t get more shots of this booth, as I’m sure some colorful gourds were made.

Waldorf Students' Work

There was a whole room dedicated to showing off Waldorf students’ schoolwork. Every grade was represented, including high school subjects like chemistry and humanities.

Vendor's Wares

The vendors were terrific this year and I’m sorry I didn’t have the funds for serious shopping. These carved Halloween gourds are the work of a friend, Miss Katy. They’re boo-tiful.

Fairy Supplies

One booth was decorating a fairy scene. Children could make a little fairy doll and then glue special trinkets like shells, jewels, and tiny pumpkins onto the scene.

Make a Fairy Wreath

Basket of fairy wreaths. You could make your own!


Asher had a wonderful time! He was my little Acorn Boy that day, sporting grandma’s knits.

Ninth Graders' Farmers Market

The ninth grade sold produce from the school farm and other local organic farms—a kind of mini farmers’ market in the Faire.

Festivals Room

This is the Festivals Room, which was a display of all the seasons of the year and the various festivals celebrated in Waldorf schools and homes. Some loving volunteers put this together and it was magical.

Festivals Room: Autumn Harvest

Autumn scene from the Festivals Room.

Lucas and X got to play tag and be rowdy for a while. These two get along so beautifully. Later, they got to shoot a bow!

There was so much more. I might just indulge in another post.

3 Responses to “Harvest Faire at Our Waldorf School”

  • Allison Cooper
    October 26, 2010 at 9:31 am


    Wow! What amazing pictures you’ve taken! You are truly talented! Thank you so much for capturing these beautiful images of Harvest Faire and sharing them with us!

    Thank you fr all you do,


  • Sara
    October 29, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    Glad you like them, Allison! I hope I captured some of the special moments you were hoping for! It was tons of fun to take photos that day. You did a great job on a marvelous Harvest Faire!


  • Marie
    October 11, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    Wonderful photos and vibe you have captured, cheers Marie


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