Home from the Snow

This past week in the cabin in Tahoe was a nice break in the typical Wilson routine, even though a lot of routine came along with us: We still had to feed the children, bathe them, put them to bed on time, deal with colds and vomiting, small squabbles, pay attention to them, entertain them, etc. But, on the other hand, this past week I also got to read a book, knit, work a little to keep up with my project milestones, take lots of photos, and play in the snow. I spent a lot of sweet time in the presence of my very favorite person in the world, my husband. He’s still as wonderful as I remembered. Somehow, even working on medical terminology of the urinary system isn’t so bad when you can watch the snow falling outside and you’re toasty warm and comfy.

We were able to meet up with some of Lucas’s classmates for a play date on Thursday. One boy in his class has a home in Strawberry, and we visited his family at the same time another classmate and her family were visiting. It was just 20 minutes’ drive up and back over the summit to see them. Unexpectedly, Lucas and Ian got to ride snowmobiles on an impromptu "track" across the street from Sam’s house. Lucas is a speed demon and a natural, and LOVED it! He flipped the thing over a few times, but fortunately he wasn’t hurt at all—no tears, no fear—and also fortunately, this happened out of my sight. I heard about it after the fact.

Asher has been picking up several new words a day! We’re just now hitting that amazing time when his language will explode into greater and greater complexity and variety. It’s exciting. Also, Asher is now sleeping through the night most of the time, or only wakes once. Ian’s been with him, so I slept well every night this week. I am once again a human being.

Now Lucas is sick with a cold and nasty cough. I’m glad we have two days to settle back into our home and normal life before school starts up on Monday. Hopefully everybody will be well enough to go their various ways. (Please!)

One Response to “Home from the Snow”

  • dakini_grl
    February 21, 2009 at 10:57 am

    I’ve loved reading about your snow adventures! It’s all the more exciting to read that you are getting real sleep. Yay!


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