Home Sweet Home

Things around here are normal. We had a nice, family-oriented weekend, which was a good contrast to the last couple of weekends filled with busyness. Ian’s currently sick with the cold Lucas had last week, so I’m probably going to come down with it any day now. (We are all so friendly and generous with our germs!) Ian bravely suffered through it and got a little more rest than normal, appart from the schoolwork he did.

On Saturday, Lucas and I went to a pirate-themed birthday party for a boy (Devin—you might remember his name from one of my previous LJ posts) in Lucas’s class. He dove right into the birthday fray with great gusto, which surprised me a little bit. He had expressed some trepidation about attending a pirate party, but he adores the birthday boy. Lucas gamely donned the proffered pirate sash, eye patch, and bandana with enthusiasm and dug for buried treasure with the rest of the pint-sized guests. He then spent the next five hours saying “Aaargh!” and “Ahoy, matey!”—even later that day while we made sugar cookies. (I amazed myself by embarking on this project; I guess it was a fit of holiday and domestic cheer!)

Anyway, Lucas is thrilled that he got to eat black marzipan cannonballs from the pirate ship birthday cake—which, by the way, was freakin’ amazing and complete with canons and sails! It was good to see him playing so well with a small group of children outside of school. We have been so busy lately, we haven’t had many play dates. Lucas is less enthusiastic about the cookies (ghosts, cats, pumpkins, and autumn leaves) than the cannonballs he ate, but I like them and they were super fun to make.

On Sunday we all finally went to the local pumpkin farm (alas, not the one that I’ve been going to since I was a child. The family that owned Farmer Bob’s must have sold the property). Anyway, there Lucas bounced in the bouncy house, slid down the many slides, rode on the trolley/train ride, and chose some pumpkins. And I got the annual family pumpkin farm pictures that I adore so much.

We carved our four pumpkins into jack-‘o-lanterns last night (see later post for picture). For the first time ever, Lucas requested scary jack-‘o-lanterns. We are delighted to listen to Lucas sing the jack-‘o-lantern song he learned at school, and tonight we were lucky enough to get it on videotape. There’s also a song about “whisky-friskies,” or squirrels. Very cute.

Tomorrow’s the big day: Halloween. We have the robot costume all ready. We have tickets to the Pumpkin Path at school for the evening. And we have a half a day of babysitting from grandma (no school tomorrow).

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