I Am a Dumbass

Yesterday I had a harrowing and completely stupid adventure. It was just the dumbest, most frustrating thing I’ve experienced in a while: Asher and I went shopping at Trader Joes. When we left the store, he was getting tired and hungry. After unlocking my car, loading my groceries, and nursing the baby in the driver’s seat, I discovered that I’d misplaced my keys. I spent over an hour in the TJ parking lot looking for my fucking keys–in the car, in the cart, under the baby, in the grocery bags, under the seats, on the dash, on top of the car roof, under the car, in the glovebox, under Lucas’s carseat, under Asher’s carseat, in the bushes next to the car, and on and on.

At least the weather wasn’t too extreme and thank goodness Asher wasn’t locked in the car or anything awful like that! 

He was with me and the car was open but we coudn’t drive home! I spent so much time searching and searching and searching for them. Finally, I had to call Ian to have him rescue us. Another friend witnessed my idiot plight. It was embarrasing and ridiculous and I cried my eyes out. Asher just got more and more tired, but fortunately he didn’t throw a hissy fit.

Last night, after Ian came home from work, he and Lucas took a flashlight outside and found my keys easily in my car. The were wedged just out of sight under a storage-box-thingy on the passenger’s side. They must have fallen down while Asher was nursing. 

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