Lucas has started at the Red Rose Kindergarten! Wednesday was his first official day of school, after a 1-hour “orientation” on Tuesday that involved a tour of the classroom and yard that focused on the important things, such as where all the toys are kept. On Tuesday we all had a circle time together too, and I think because I was there he was a little clingy and nervous.

Wednesday was a different story, however. Ian and I both took Lucas to school. There were more parents in the play yard than kindergartners. He was so cute in his play clothes with his new stuff bag that grandma made and his lunchbox (with handmade cloth napkins inside). He proudly posed for photos at the front gate and in front of the sign, and immediately started playing in the yard; he climbed a tree, and crossed a footbridge, and greeted his friends.

When it was time to line up and go into the Red Rose classroom, he gave us hugs, changed into his inside shoes, and marched inside without a backward glance. No tears. No whining. No clinging. He was ready. We parents hung around after the kids went inside and were given carnations and name tags to wear and a book about Waldorf education—one I’m pleased that I haven’t already purchased! We mingled and ate cookies and drank tea.

Later that day, when I picked Lucas up, he emerged grinning from ear to ear with his empty lunchbox in hand. One of the teachers caught my eye and gave me the thumbs up. She knows I was concerned since he is among the youngest children in the class.

So, he’s had three days at his new school. A couple of times he’s told me he’s “sick,” which is his way of expressing a little anxiety about a situation. But each morning, he has proudly strode off to the car with dad to go to school without a whimper. I’ve been dosing his moring cup of water with a Bach’s flower essence tincture called “Rescue Remedy.” It’s something those Waldorfy homeopathic people recommend for nerves and stress. I don’t know if it works, but it seemed worth a try.

We’re trying to get our schedule back to school days with an early bedtime for Lucas, but it’s tough after Burning Man. It didn’t help that Wednesday night was grandma’s birthday and Saturday night we stayed out really late at a super-fun party.

On Saturday morning, I hung out with my mother for a while. I took her to Sac Waldorf School and showed her the play yard. We peeked into Lucas’s classroom and then toured the rest of the school. She hadn’t ever been there before, and was impressed with the place. I think she’s onboard with our decision. We’ll be inviting the grandparents to the Harvest Festival in October.

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