Lucas’s First Fender-Bender

We just had a nice weekend together. The weather was gorgeous both days, and we went to Fair Oaks park on Saturday for a picnic. Cheap, easy, satisfying family fun. It is nice just spending time together as a family.

On Sunday Lucas got to go to the zoo with Cindy and Kimberlee Dawn. We fuddy-duddy parents stayed home and worked—I worked to make money, Ian studied and did some of his online coursework for the first of four classes that he needs for a BCBA certification (it’s for behavior analysts). The beautiful day—perhaps the most beautiful day so far this year, marched on while we stared at computer screens in a stuffy office bedroom.

I don’t really know how the zoo trip went because my dad actually picked Lucas up from Cindy. Ian and I went to a memorial service for Kimkimkaree’s stepmother Monica. I know that Lucas commented to Papa that there are no elephants at the zoo. He did admit to seeing monkeys and flamingoes when I grilled him later. I hope Cindy had fun—she seemed a little nervous about taking care of a three-year-old, but it was all her idea in the first place.

When we picked Lucas up at my parents’ house at around 5 pm, I conned the folks into taking us to Cattleman’s for dinner. It was a nice visit and a yummy, free meal. Gotta love parents for that type of thing!

Today, Lucas was in his first fender-bender. He was with DeeDee and VoVo and a 17-year-old on a motorcycle swiped David’s driver-side mirror off the car. No biggy. They were stopped at a light and the motorcycle was driving up the white line between lanes. The funny part is that the kid has no license, no insurance, and no permission to be driving his dad’s Harley-Davidson. Tough luck for him. They had to call the police, who had to get his father to come and get him because they wouldn’t let him drive away on the bike. Apparently the kid was freaking out—he cried and sobbed and shook and blubblered and hyperventilated because he was certain his father was gonna kill him.

I wonder if Lucas will ever do something really dumb like that. It’s hard to imagine him as a 17-year-old.
Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The notorious question, “Why?” is now part of my darling son’s vocabulary.

We are working really hard to get a handle on our money and spending—and it kinda sucks. It means we haven’t been able to buy much this month or eat out, but I’ve thrown up my hands because the task of managing our cash flow and paying the bills has just become too much for me to handle on my own. All these years, Ian has stayed out of it because I’ve done it and too many cooks in the kitchen can be a real pain in the ass. Now Ian created a wonderful exel tool that is helping us balance our checking account for the first time ever. I’m too damned math-phobic! Anyway, this tool should help us avoid pissing away our money on bank fees. I’ll be glad when the SMUD bill returns to normal again. Right now we are atoning for being far too-liberal with our power usage because of the hot tub. Yikes.

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