Middle of Spring Break

We’re deep into Spring Break now. Lucas and Asher have had last week and this week off school and daycare. I am in the midst of my busiest weeks of this year, so this isn’t an ideal situation. I was more than a little freaked out heading into the break, but I’ve since relaxed and honestly things are going fine. The grandmothers helped me out a lot last week, Lucas had a play date one afternoon, and I arranged for Lucas to have some fun things to do.

I enrolled Lucas into Effie Yeaw Nature Center’s Nature Detectives morning camp. He enjoys these a lot. One morning he studied the water and rock cycles, one morning they studied birds, another day was about animal tracks, and the last day was called "Recycled Treasures" and was about turning trash and found objects into new things: reduce, reuse, recycle. All of these classes were geared to our own American River Parkway ecosystem and every day they did arts and crafts, took a nature walk, played games, and saw birds and animals. I think it was a great value at $20 per morning. We recently bought a membership in the American River Natural History Association, so we’ll get preferred sign-up for the summer camps, which are each a week long.

Ian has this week off work, so he’s doing full-time kid wrangling duty while I work on my projects. Yesterday they went to the zoo with one of Lucas’s pals. Today they are going to grandma and grandpa’s boat to spend the day fishing. At the moment, I’m just waiting for them to leave so I can buckle down to work my ass off.

Easter was fun and extra busy this year. We managed to squeeze in a visit with the third set of grandparents at Mimi’s home in Davis. So my boys got to do four—yes, FOUR—Easter egg hunts. Fortunately, I’ve already chucked at least half the candy they got. Will halve it again today while they’re gone.

I couldn’t possibly explain all the words Asher now says. He is now a walking, talking boy! He can express himself quite elegantly in four to seven word sentences. Connecting words are often missing from his sentences, but it’s very easy to understand him most of the time. Occasionally he’ll try out a new word and it will take us a moment to figure out what he’s talking about. He has started cracking jokes, which tells me that his understanding of the nuances of language has reached a whole new level. "Baby no poopy diaper! Lucas [has a] poopy diaper! Dada [has a] poopy diaper!" <insert hysterical baby laughter here>

One of our three remaining fish is a murderer. Is it the Golden Gourami in the kitchen with a candlestick? Or the Gold Chinese Algae Eater in the drawing room with a pistol? I am almost certain it is not the Dalmatian Molly. Anyway, this killing spree makes me sad because I really enjoy the fish. I guess I have to wait to see who dies next. Maybe then I’ll know who the killer is. 

I am very much looking forward to Delphinia this year! It is my only fun thing scheduled for this week and next.

2 Responses to “Middle of Spring Break”

  • mickibean
    April 15, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    Note to universe: in my next life I would like to be Sara’s child…shes an awesome mommy:)


  • sarabellae
    April 15, 2009 at 9:27 pm

    You’re sweet. If I am a mommy next time around, I’ll be honored to have you as my kid.


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