More New Words

Asher has added to his growing vocabulary "pink," “orange,” “purse,” “wow!,” “Tina," "Noah" (one of two preschool buddies—Asher kind of mangles Gabriel’s name), "I don’t know!", "TV" (as in, "watch TV!"), "Bob," "shoes," "hat," "guy(s)," "auntie," "truck." There are probably more, but it’s hard to remember them all. Often, we say something and he repeats it back. I usually don’t count it until I hear him say it spontaneously and without prompting.

The moral of this evolving story of language development is that we now have to be really careful what we say around him. Obviously, curse words are a no-no. (I still remember with chagrin the first time I heard little Lucas say "Shit!") We have to practice kindness, forgiveness, and avoid teasing or angry words so that Asher has good models for speech. Not that we have problems with using abusive language in our home, but writing this is my way of rededicating myself to this goal. Really, there is no question now that he understands most of what we say.

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