New Treasures

Today was Lucas’s third day at his new preschool, Treasure Garden. Although he has expressed not a little anxiety about this change, I think he’s adjusting well. Children are uniquely adaptable, right? (I hope so.) He still argues with me, though, that Ex-Teacher really IS having school this year, and that after this week, he can go back to her house. I just quietly say, “I’m sorry. Ex-Teacher is not having school this year.”

Treasure Garden is a source of new delights, new friends, new foods, and new activities. Miss Keiko is a darling Japanese woman who has run this preschool for 4 years now. Last year, she was completely full and had children on a waiting list. I don’t know how or why, but this year, she is thankfully not full, and we were able to enroll immediately, at the last GD minute. TG started one week later than Ex-Preschool, but all in all, it has worked out marvelously well.

Let’s see. Lucas misses Baby Kimberlee, his baby sister. But is rather enchanted by a little girl named Lauren, who is also 3 years old. Lauren is attending TG for the second year in a row, and goes there all of the days that Lucas goes. He seems very pleased about that and talks about her.

There’s also Sophia and her younger brother Joseph, and Charlie, who might be 4. Miss Keiko says that Lucas is very good a sharing and using his words with the other children.

I was struck with amazement on Tuesday morning as I drove to Sacramento Magazine that after just a one-hour interview and visit to TG, I happily handed over a check for $1,200+ and MY ONLY CHILD to a stranger and gushed, “Have a wonderful day! (Mommy always comes back.)”

Those first two days, VoVo had to pick him up from school. I’m a little sad that I didn’t get to hear first hand what he had to say about the place those days, but VoVo has assured me that it was all positive. The only thing that indicates he’s still a bit nervous is that he wouldn’t nap there at all.

It’s Wednesday night now, and Lucas won’t be back to school until next Monday, but he seems to be looking forward to it.

What treasures did Lucas bring home from Treasure Garden? A painting, a song, and hand-packed organic peppermint teabags. The bread they made from scratch didn’t make it home.

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