Our Beautiful Michaelmas


We had a marvelous Michaelmas—almost two weeks ago now—celebrating with our school community with pageantry and gusto. Grades 2 through 12 participated and it was as inspirational as ever.

Dragon Banners from Michaelmas

This year I was particularly impressed by the dragon banners for each grade. Aren’t they wonderful?

Lucas's Shield

This year, Lucas is in the fourth grade, and traditionally that class builds and decorates their own shields. In the Michaelmas festival, they are brave warriors who protect the innocent villagers from the dragon when it arrives on the scene. The shields they made were breathtaking, especially when seen all together. They were decorated with swords, arrows, snakes, dragons, wolves, and even sea turtles. Each child designed his or her own crest for the shield.

George Confronts the Dragon

The mighty celestial dragon, built and manned by the sixth grade class, was impressive and graceful. George faced it down and tamed it with his wit and goodness, with plenty of help from Michael.


When I conquer within me fear and wrath,

Michael in heaven casts the dragon forth.


Firmly on the Earth I stand.

Michael’s sword within my hand.

When I conquer fear, the dragon’s chains I tightly bind!

Michael’s light is in my mind.

When I thrust against the monster’s might,

Michael is at my side!

Celestial Dragon

Harken all, the time has come!

When all the world at last the truth shall hear,

Then the lion shall lie down with the lamb.

Our lances shall be turned to reaping hooks,

Swords and guns be cast as plowshares.

Nations shall live in lasting peace.

All men unite as brothers.


We also celebrated Michaelmas at home. We made dragon bread, adding an exciting, wicked twist with brown sugar, butter, and dried fruits (cherries, blueberries, and cranberries) rolled up inside. We gave our dragon bread dried, candied cantaloupe horns and dried, candied kiwi plates down his spine. Almonds served nicely as teeth and claws.


And for the second year in a row, we barbecued chicken and created a kind of dragon beast main dish. The “dragon” (colored yellow with turmeric) is resting on purple potato “rocks” in a field of greens and tomatoes and onions (a field of vanquished knights?). I carved a dragon head from a purple pepper and give the beast spinach wings. The boys thought this was pretty awesome, and it was tasty!


Dragon Puzzle

We also did a dragon craft over a couple of days. I might write more about this later, but here’s the finished dragon we made.

About a week later, Asher’s Kindergarten class held their own Michaelmas celebration. The children all dyed silk capes of golden light using marigold petals in school. The older children in the Kindergarten (second-year kids or children who will be there only one year) sanded and built golden wooden swords. All the children were given golden crowns to wear.

The autumn wind blows open the gate,

Oh Michael, for you we wait!

We follow you; show us the way!

With joy we greet the autumn day!

Michaelmas Walk Through the Farm

We parents were invited to join the class in the school farm amid the fruit trees to witness their Michaelmas circle time verses and songs. It was supremely sweet. I don’t know the parents of this class very well yet, so I don’t have their permission to post photos.  Suffice it to say, it was this cute, times 24.

3 Responses to “Our Beautiful Michaelmas”

  • julie
    December 22, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    Hello! I’m a Steiner school parent in England (son in Class 11 now, started in Parent & toddler group and then Kindergarten). I was looking online for details of the hymn Harken all … your site came up straightaway. Thank you so much, I love your page/site.


    • Sara
      December 30, 2014 at 5:36 pm

      Hi Julie,
      Thanks for writing me. I’m glad you found my page useful! Happy New Year!


  • Nick
    June 24, 2021 at 12:09 am

    My version:

    Harken all the time is near
    When all the world at large the truth shall hear
    Then the lion will lie down with the lamb
    We’ll turn our lances into reaping hooks
    Swords shall be recast as ploughshares
    Our only fight will be for peace
    Make this your whole endeavour


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