Potty Training

Darn! It’s been a month since I wrote last. It seems like every day something funny or important or scary or deserving of preservation happens, and I think “Oh, later I’ve got to write about that amazing occurrence.” And then I get busy or stay busy, and I don’t write about it and then I forget. Sometimes I deliberately try to remember some perfect Lucas Moment long enough to tell Ian about it when he gets home from work, and five minutes later, I can’t remember what it was to save my life! They say motherhood makes you dumb. I don’t feel dumb, exactly. But motherhood has definitely rerouted my neural net and my old, efficient, and clever ways of thinking are running on auxiliary power at best. Where did all my smarts go?

So, what’s the Lucas Update now that he’s nearly 35 months old?

Lucas is potty training!

No really. Not like the last 6 months, during which we have flirted with the tantalizing idea of potty training. Now we’re in the big time. Now things are really connecting! NOW we have many more Successes than Failures.

We put him in Big Boy Underpants (cloth trainers) about 3 weeks ago—probably March 5. So he’s been wearing those during the day (except at naptime), at preschool, at home, and even out of the house!

Honestly, I’m totally, completely proud of him. I’m the Lucas Potty Cheerleader (the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders’ frumpy mommy friend). Lucas has had a number of days with ZERO accidents. He’s had some dry naps too. And this morning, when I got him out of bed, his pull-up was DRY!

We have a Dry Pants sticker chart and we perform random dry pants spot inspections. If he’s dry (like from morning to lunch, for example) he gets a sticker on his chart. Five stickers gets him a special treat (ice cream, candy—I know, I know. Great nutrition there, Mom!)

Let’s see….We’ve been sick lately. Strep throat. I’m honestly not sure if Lucas got it first and gave it to me or if it was the other way around. I know the symptoms, and when I was really suffering last weekend (especially Saturday and Sunday) I decided to get a throat culture. Twenty-four hours later I had the results and meds. A couple more days went by and Lucas complained of a sore throat. I was feeling paranoid and not at all interested in having him sick over Easter weekend (I knew how terrible I felt), so I made Ian take him to Kaiser. Sure enough, today we got the call that his culture is positive for strep. So, back to Kaiser we drove tonight to pick up his antibiotics. That makes four trips this week. But you know, when I think about it, a couple of weeks ago Lucas was complaining of a sore throat. He made me kiss the air in his open mouth to make his throat feel better. I thought he just had a cold and cough and fever, and treated him with ibuprofen and cough syrup, but I wonder if that wasn’t the really painful part of the strep infection and that maybe he just still has it. So, as I said, I don’t know which of us got it first.

Ian has been home this week for Spring break. I kinda browbeat him into taking this week off instead of next week because Lucas had no preschool this week. I’m really grateful he was home because I was so miserable. Unfortunately Ian’s been sick too. Maybe strep or maybe something else. Who knows? He won’t get tested.

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