Preschool Days End

Asher at Preschool

Yesterday was Asher’s last day of preschool. My angel boy is moving on from StarBright Garden, where Ms. Pati has taken such good care of him and provided so many opportunities for growth and friendship. We will miss her very much, and will miss this glorious garden that was so nourishing and beautiful. This swing is where Asher has spent a great portion of every day.

S and A Making Fairy Houses

These girls are some of Asher’s best friends. We are delighted that they live in our neighborhood, too. In this photo they are helping work on Asher’s Fairy House. He only wants to do crafts sometimes, but when the girls and Lucas and I got involved to help him with his Fairy House, he finally got into it for a while.

Asher's Fairy House

Here is Asher’s Fairy House up close. There is a bark house and a bark fence, with a glass cobbled pathway. It’s got pinecone “bushes” and dried flower “trees.”

Chip Chop

Chip-chop, chippity chop. The kids cut up vegetables for their Friday soup. Having meaningful work to do as a group is so great for them. They feel like big kids when they are given responsibilities, especially those that involve using tools like knives. After two children at preschool I now realize that it’s perfectly normal for kids this age to be very helpful with chores and household tasks at school, while they are doing it alongside their friends, and to be resistant and uninterested in such tasks at home. I try not to take it personally.

Asher and N Chopping

This is one of Asher’s very best buddies. They’ve been at preschool together for two years now.

Snack Time

Snack time is outdoors at school on lovely summer days.

Table with Fairy House

Table centerpiece: a Fairy House. The kids have been working on these all month.


They’ve eaten up all the cherries, but the plums are getting ripe now and the kids have been snacking on these beauties.

Lemons on Tree

These lemons hang so heavy and low, if you’re not careful you might bonk your head on them.


The bunnies and chickens get all the veggie scraps. There are seven chicks this year. The beans are growing up long poles in the garden. And little S can often be found among the raspberries, picking and snacking.

A and S with Matches

Matches gets lots of love every day.


This beauty is the one Asher says he’s going to marry. Can you blame him?

We are hoping to have play dates with friends over the summertime. I haven’t shown all of our beloved friends here, just a few. I’m so pleased that he’s made good friends at StarBright, and has learned to socialize so well.

Some of these children will be in Asher’s kindergarten next year, and that will make for an easy transition. So much of what he’ll do next year is like the StarBright rhythm, soI expect it will be like slipping on a familiar hat: story time, circle time, snack, outdoors play, indoors play, cleanup, etc. They are beautiful days full of discovery and joy, rhythm and seasons. What a lucky boy he is!

2 Responses to “Preschool Days End”

  • Jaspenelle
    July 5, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Are you sending him to a “regular” school or also a waldorf kindergarden? I can’t imagine my son going to school yet (it is kind of a scary thought!) time flies.

    Those fairy houses are so beautiful.


    • Sara
      July 11, 2011 at 5:08 pm

      It’s a Waldorf kindergarten. I think he will be very at home there. I am thrilled to find him playing with the fairy house lately!


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