Red Rose, Here We Come

We finally decided where to place Lucas for next school year. I know, it’s seems crazy to be worrying about what to do next September when it’s only March. And yet, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing since January!

We applied for the Sacramento Waldorf School Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten class for fall of 2006. When we applied, we did so kind of with the intention that we would go through the application process and see what the experts thought about his readiness. We interviewed with the two teachers in February. A couple of days ago we got our letter of acceptance. They are “delighted” to welcome Lucas to the Red Rose Kindergarten. Lucas will spend two consecutive years in Red Rose, with the same two teachers. The class is a mixture of 4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds. SWS prefers that students spend two years there; it’s a foundation for their whole education. I think they really want the rhythms and routines and stories ingrained into the children.

What complicated things for me was that our preschool teacher in January began dropping little hints that she didn’t think Lucas was ready. She never said that directly, but she made it clear that she wanted him to stay with her another year and go to Kindergarten the following year in 2007. Basically, she has a different viewpoint than the Kindergarten teachers do, and is fairly conservative and believes kids should go later.

When I dug more, though, it started to sound like she was simply very attached to him. That she and Lucas share a bond that they both enjoy, and that she cares about him very much.

Anyway, I have wracked my brain and heart over this decision for weeks. Today was my last day to decide. Miss Jennifer was holding our place at Hidden Treasure until the end of today. Tomorrow she is having an open house and will hopefully fill her 4 openings for next fall immediately, thus ensuring her livelihood.

Lucas has undergone a change recently (yes, another one). He has shed a bunch of his babyish mannerisms in favor of big boy stuff. He’s mimicking the older kids at school more. He’s playing in new ways. He’s daring and carefree and defiant. He’s more confident and self-assured than even a month ago. He is quite certain that he wants to go to Kindergarten next year with his big-kid friends Ella, Elvie, Ria, and Charlie.

It’s so hard to know what he will be like in 5.5 months. I’ve never been a parent to a 4-year-old before: How am I supposed to know if he’ll be ready to cope with 24 kids in a class?

But we decided to go for it. He has a long time to grow into this decision of ours. I just hope it was the right one. Hidden Treasure has truly been a wonderful place for him.

2 Responses to “Red Rose, Here We Come”

  • dakini_grl
    March 25, 2006 at 1:15 am

    My personal belief is that no Guide to Raising Your Four Year Old was ever released… it’s all improv, baby.

    Anyway. I keep thinking he’s ready to go, and thanks to what has happened over the last year and his changes, and is perfectly happy to make another change. I like that he’s going with his friends too… mostly I love you and I think you’ve done so incredibly well by your boy. You take so much time to consider him and what’s best in context for him and you and long term… xoxo


  • sarabellae
    March 28, 2006 at 9:23 pm

    Thank you for your constant faith and encouragement. It means a tremendous amount to me. So often I feel like I’m wandering in the dark with my hands and heart stretched out in front of me in the hopes that I don’t bump into scary, hurty things.


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