Running with B and Yoga

Today I had my running date with B.
Alas, it did not go quite as flawlessly as I had fantasized a couple of weeks ago, but some of the fantasy came true: B was beautiful and trim and athletic in matching running tank/shorts, the sun was shining and the trail was lovely, we had fun and talked and laughed. Running in the hot sun (even at 10 a.m.) is NOT the same as running on a treadmill in an A/Ced gym. I feel silly for having thought it would be comparable. It was fairly tough for me and we had to alternate running with walking. Nevertheless…

+ I did not have an asthma attack and freak her out
+ My knees, legs, ankles, and feet were fine
+ B can pee in the wilderness without getting weird
+ The scenery was lovely
+ We got to know each other more
+ B was gracious and kind
+ She invited me back to her place afterward (No, not like that)
+ She suggested we try biking because she knows a little cafe in Folsom you can bike to

That last bit has my insecure self wondering if she suggested the biking because I’m a lousy running partner (which, for a marathon runner in training, I probably am). The secure parts of me look forward to biking and enjoying the cafe with her.

I’m in a great space now (fitnesswise) where I’m willing to try just about anything (fitnesswise). I’m trying to keep it interesting to keep my motivation strong, and although rhythm is a beautiful thing, spontaneity is the spice of life. So, sure, I’ll go biking!

B’s marathon is in slightly more than 2 weeks in San Diego. I’m really excited for her.

The yoga classes I’ve been taking are great! I’m really liking them and I’m feeling much stronger in a relatively short period of time. They are simultaneously challenging and relaxing. Weird. I do not feel like a complete dweeb in yoga class, partly because they tell you to do what you can do and don’t do more, and partly because I can do most of it. I leave class feeling like a noodle, and I think I’m beginning to understand what “core strengthening” means. My back is feeling terrific. I’m still seeing the chiropractor, but only once a month now for maintenance.

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