Second Week of Advent


The second light of Advent is the light of plants,
Plants that reach up to the sun and in the breezes dance.

Running UP

Yes, this is how we began the second week of Advent last Sunday. We drove up to Apple Hill to a Christmas tree farm and roamed about for a while. It had been several years of not enough time or good weather to do this family tradition, so we felt it was time.

My Men

The boys enjoyed combing the hillside, and of course, had to go to the very tippy top of the mountain. Asher felt like he was in the woods. That is really an unbeatable feeling when you’re a kid, to feel way out away from civilization and wander among the trees. Most of these trees were pretty young, but it worked fine for little Asher.

Lucas Cuts Our Tree

When we finally found the perfect tree, Lucas did the cutting.


I snapped this photo because I just couldn’t get over how blue this silver fir tree was.

Silly Boys

I conned them into posing for pictures, but only got the super silly kind. That’s OK, though. I think I love those the best. I love to see them having fun.

Apple Hill Orchard

We stopped at Boa Vista Orchards for a lunch of burgers and some produce shopping. We bought the juiciest Asian pears ever. We picked up an apple blueberry pie to take home, too. Daddy felt that a pie baking in the oven would be the perfect compliment to tree decorating. I think he was right.


We played Christmas lounge music and covered the little tree with shiny ornaments, red ornaments, and stars. There are lots of ornaments left over this year because this Christmas tree is smaller than usual. I’m thinking up other ways to use them. (I admit I really adore ornaments.)

Our Tree

We think it’s lovely.

One Response to “Second Week of Advent”

  • Alyss
    December 11, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    Oh! How wonderful! I really love doing the whole ritual of Christmas tree decorating but haven’t fit it into my “adult life” yet, really. My sister and I have a small fiber optic tree that gets a few choice ornaments and my parents did their tree without me this year. It’s alright, though, there are plenty more Christmases for tree decorating. Yours looks lovely! Merry Christmas!


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