Second Weekend of Advent

I’m feeling listy. The only way to record this past very full weekend is in a list. You don’t have to read it.  🙂


* try to sleep in own bed next to own husband instead of in midget’s bed next to midget
* let husband deal with big boy’s wet bed
* don’t deal with yucky tub; let abundantly capable husband do it
* skip shower again; try to look pretty anyway
* drive to Folsom, get lost-ish 
* let super talented and generous friends take photos of family (Thank you!)
* visit super talented, generous friends who have cats and super talented visiting friend
* eat burritos; watch baby make friends with everyone
* clean house the bare minimum
* meet Scottish plumber
* take big boy to RSC marionette show of Mother Mary gathering threads for the robe she will weave for the child during Advent
* attend Advent Spiral ceremony with small children, apples, stars, and fire; enjoy lovely and simple vocal christmas music
* shop a little for midget boy with big boy in tow; big boy eats lots of star-shaped cookies
* dress up for a party as best one can without shower
* drive to parents/babysitters; leave children and run away
* attend party for five glorious hours with darling friends
* make love to cupcake frosting for the camera even though all frosting is gross
* drink plenty of vodka and Fresca
* leave party at stroke of midnight; race home before the CRV turns into a blue pumpkin
* pick up children; put them to bed

* surrender to night


* sleep crappy almost all night in midget’s bed

* succumb to cold

* breakfast and pack up for day of FUN

* drive to Apple Hill with coffee and hot cocoa in hand; leave foggy valley behind

* find crummy Xmas tree farm; they don’t take cards

* get back in car to find ATM in tiny Camino

* return to crummy Xmas tree farm with cash in hand

* tromp 50 yards down a hill with 50 other people looking for the perfect Xmas tree

* find “perfect” Xmas tree in 5 minutes flat; marvel at how hot it is

* keep looking a little more to extend the delightful experience

* tromp back up the hill while taking pictures

* comfort baby who gets smashed in face with tree boughs

* get back in car and stop for lunch at Bavarian Inn, where they serve four different kinds of wieners and a last piece of meat pie

* have a cultural experience; is hickish Apple Hill really only 40 minutes from Sacramento?

* argue with Lucas about what constitutes a special treat at Apple Hill: a lolly is not our idea of “regional cuisine.” How about some apple pie?

* stop again at Boa Vista Orchards for craft faire shopping and pie; buy a pretty wreath for home

* drive home, unload Xmas tree, set it up

* pull out lights, start with color. Not enought. Unwind lights and start over with mix of color and white

* decorate tree with ornaments: soft unbreakable ones near the bottom

* oh, yeah. Dinner. Good thing there’s leftover pizza.

* second Sunday of Advent, “it is the light of plants” (hence the tree)

* ready children for bed; children are completely manic

* collapse in cocoon of sniffles, sinus pressure, and warm bed

* too much caffeine so stay up at least an hour and a half extra thinking about all the things to be done




3 Responses to “Second Weekend of Advent”

  • dizzyburner
    December 9, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    We were not lost!

    Does this mean for the “light of beasts” we can get a puppy?

    It’s true about the cultural experience! Do you remember the bit in the Blues Brothers where the lady goes: “We play both types of music, Country AND Western!”

    I love you, and I think the phrase: “sleep crappy almost all night in midget’s bed” is worthy of Kerouac.


  • lunagirl35
    December 9, 2008 at 8:08 pm

    I’m actually a fan of the Apple Doughnuts at Abel’s.
    And I have to tell you, I think your weekend (except for the cold) sounded kinda fun 🙂 Vodka and Fresca’s a new one to me.


  • sarabellae
    December 10, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    It was fun. And full. And now three days later I still feel tired. 🙂


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