Some Good News: CT Scan Negative for Abscess

Although there is fluid in my abdominal cavity, it’s been confirmed by my recent CT scan (and compared to last week’s) that it’s not an abscess. This is very good, because “abscess” meant hospitalization and “drainage,” which sounds a lot like “surgery” to me. So.

Dr. Chen is good. She’s clever and thorough and communicative. She called me twice yesterday and said she would be in the office today faxing pertinent pages of the 50 pages of records she received from the hospital to my new OB/gyn, whom I will see on Monday.

The Number 1 theory is therefore still uterine infection. Yesterday was a pretty good day, despite the fact that at 4 am I was sure I’d be heading to the ER. The rest of the day shaped up nicely, with low to no fever and pain. I even felt good enough to demand a sushi dinner out. The four of us went to Wasabi and gorged. (Well, in truth, Asher slept and didn’t eat at all.) We were out about an hour before I got tired and wanted to be home again.

I feel a bit like a hypochondriac because every day seems to have so many ups and downs, aches and pains. Sometimes my chest hurts. I answer questions of “how do you feel?” with caution because it changes so rapidly. Today there’s a section of my right mid-back that’s hurting and I’m wondering if it’s one of my kidneys trying to process all the drugs and poison I’ve injested. (Barium is not food.)

I wish I could put my baby to breast! I think we both need it badly, but I don’t want his tiny system to have to cope with all these chemicals, and breastfeeding is forbidden for now. The formula satisfies him, which is good, but it makes me sad to feed him with a bottle and then pump and dump my milk. I have lots of fears about losing my milk supply completely to this stupid illness. Honestly, nursing is just about the most enjoyable part of having an infant.

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