St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

Leprechaun House! (with Flag)

May your pockets be heavy and your heart light.
May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

Yesterday afternoon, on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, we did some fun things to prepare for the coming of the Leprechauns. Asher and I made brownies together. We happen to know for a fact that Leprechauns LOVE to eat brownies, particularly if you cut them into shamrock shapes!

Then we set about finding natural materials in our yard from which to make a Leprechaun house. Is it hard to see there, up against the “rock” wall of our house? It has a flag on top of the roof.

Lucas Roofing the Leprechaun House

We found some lovely squarish sections of bark that worked beautifully for walls. Then with short sticks and long pieces of bark found in our garden beds, we roofed the house. Lucas came home with Daddy just in time to help with the construction.

Lucas Creating a Place for the Outdoor Table

He carefully cleared an area for an outdoor picnic table, and gently placed small stones that Asher gathered to make a cobblestone pathway leading from the door of the Leprechaun house to the picnic area.

Asher Getting Spiky Balls "Let's put this jewel in the path!"

Asher especially enjoyed gathering items to use for our project. He gathered stones, spiky balls from our liquidambar tree, flower petals, and clover. He even found a small fairy jewel that we set into the cobblestone path. The spiky balls became a kind of garden fence.

Asher Gives the Leprechauns Clover

Asher picked lots of “salad” clover for the Leprechauns to eat. We all thought the flower petals gave everything an attractive, magical ambience.

Leprechaun House with Spiky Ball Fence

Isn’t that a handsome house? We thought it looked very cozy and perfect for little fairy folk.

Leprechauns' Picnic Table with Bark Benches, Petals, and Covers

This is the picnic area, complete with bark table and tablecloth, plenty of salad, and bark benches for sitting on.

"Shamrock" and the Leprechauns' Picnic Table with Tablecloth

Our Leprechaun house is right beside our “shamrock” plant and right where we always leave out treats for the Leprechauns. So we knew they would check that exact spot. We hoped that they’d enjoy the house and have a party there!

Greenish Dinner

Then we feasted on a greenish dinner of sausage and egg wraps (green, spinach tortillas) with green (brown) rice and salad. The boys enjoyed the wraps a lot! Fortunately, the Leprechauns never eat all the brownies, so there were enough for us to enjoy for dessert.

Treats for Leprechauns (Milk, Honey, and a Brownie)

We always give the Leprechauns milk, honey, and a brownie on the night before St. Patrick’s Day. Leprechauns can be so tricky, and we find that if we leave them yummy treats, they don’t pull pranks on us. Usually, they leave gifts in return.

Milk, Honey, and a Brownie: Offerings for Leprechauns

We were pretty confident that they would be nice this year. Doesn’t that venue look inviting?

The Leprechauns Brought Leprechaun Dolls and Gold for Asher and Lucas

This morning, Lucas and Asher found GOLD NUGGETS on the cobblestone path. The milk and honey and brownie were all nibbled. Only crumbs and drops remained on the plate outside. But inside! The boys found Leprechaun dolls on their breakfast plates, with new notebooks for writing in! So I guess the Leprechauns liked our treats and the house we made for them. It seems, however, they couldn’t resist being a little bit tricksy after all. We found all of our shoes in a huge pile by the front door!

I figure we got off lucky, though. Leprechauns can cause all manner of mischief. In fact, Lucas was excited to get to school to see what naughty pranks the Leprechauns did there during the night! (I confess, I think they looked around in our messy house and figured, what’s the point? It already looks like a tornado hit this place!)

Tonight we’ll be having an Irish stew for dinner with some Irish deedly-deedly-dee music. We have some fun Leprechaun stories to enjoy after dinner, too. How will you celebrate? How will you invite magic and good luck into your home?

Clover in Morning Sun

May good luck be with you wherever you go,
and your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow.

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  • wildninja
    March 17, 2014 at 5:09 pm

    Love it! It seems like everyone makes leprechaun traps, including as school projects. But you’re actually trying to accommodate the little people, which is a very kind and diplomatic approach. I think I’ll have to start a new tradition based on yours. Great pictures too!


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