St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Needle-Felted St. Patrick and Snakes

It was a big time, of course. St. Patrick’s Day was fun for all of us, I think. We crafted. We decorated.

St. Patrick, Snakes, and Leprechauns

Leprechaun Party All Set

In between epic puddle splashing and a during jolly good time in the heavy rain, we set up a Leprechaun party complete with shamrocks in a vase of water, table with acorn cap cups, hyacinth flowers and bird berries.

Leprechaun Party All Set

The path we lined with white stones was very inviting to the wee folk.

Mama-Made Leprechauns for My Boys

I had made some secret presents: wooden clothespin Leprechauns. A boy and girl for each of my sons.

Leprechaun Trick: Huge Pile of Shoes!

Even though we made that lovely party space and put out brownie treats for them, the Leprechauns couldn’t help themselves. They pulled a small trick on us anyway and piled all of our shoes in the entry, blocking the front door. It’s in their nature, you know. They’re tricky!

Gifts from the Leprechauns

They did, however, leave the boys some treasures. A set of rainbow gems for each and a note.

St. Patrick's Day: Note from Leprechauns

“Thanks for the goodies, and thanks for the laughs!

On your way outside today, did you trip over our gaffes?

We’ve enjoyed your hospitality, and so we’d like to say,

We’ve left a little gift or two to brighten up your day!

We know you like bright jewels, so shiny and so fine,

Nearly as much as we do. So, we’ll share a few this time:

A rainbow for your pockets, to keep and hold and share.

Our gold we’ll keep for now! Try to catch us if you dare!”


Apparently, Leprechauns think they are very clever.

St. Patrick's Day Table

St. Patrick's Day Table

I didn’t snap any photos of our green shamrock pancakes or piles of golden eggs. I was too busy tucking in with and enjoying my fellas. It turns out that clothespin Leprechauns are great for homemade zip-lines. Then we readied our home for a  fun party with our friends. We enjoyed a yummy lamb stew, kale salad, and soda bread (from a mix). Today, Asher is talking about his Leprechaun friends.

Hope you had a festive holiday, too!

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