These Days

Thank you all so much for a wonderful Christmas party. The presence of our dear friends made the 14th annual Wilson holiday party a huge success! It was awesome seeing so many of you.

These recent post-Christmas days have been filled with drowsy mornings, playing with new toys, cleaning, laundry, textbook editing, and sifting through old belongings—some of which are going to GoodWill and some of which are going into the garage for another day. Ian was off Wednesday through Sunday and that was delightful. Lucas could hardly contain himself, and basically didn’t try. Instead, he did his best to monopolize his father’s attention with games, Legos, RC cars, building Erector set robots, etc.

Entirely too many tasty goodies are lying around in my kitchen, waiting to pounce on my hips and stay there. Today was my day to fix a meal for our friends whose 12-year-old son recently had spinal surgery. Fortunately, I don’t think the comedy of errors that took place during the making of that meal will be discernible by the family who partakes of it. Suffice it to say, the tip of my left thumb is still attached—let’s hope it stays that way. After much drama involving a kitchen knife, a fennel bulb, a couple of worrisome phone calls, a blood-soaked rag, two ruined steaks, and my mother’s uncertain determination that stitches probably aren’t necessary, I managed to finish the cooking meal and deliver it to the Nutting household. It was: roast curry chicken with lime jus; vegetarian risotto with chard, carrots, tomatoes, onions, fennel, and garlic; Caesar salad; homemade fudge and lemon bars. At least I managed to foist some goodies off on the Nuttings, and  , too. 

I started making a list of all the presents we received for Christmas. Pretty OCD, no? Well, I haven’t finished and I have four pages of my college-ruled notebook filled. Honestly, our lives are so bountiful, so blessed, so abundant in every way. I’m grateful, humbled, and also kind of sickened by the excess of it all. Mostly, I feel tremendous wonderment and gratitude.

Tomorrow I get to buy a llama.

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  • lunagirl35
    December 30, 2008 at 2:25 am

    No one got you a llama for Christmas?Bummer:( But it sounds like fun.


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