Three Things

1. This morning, Ian has another one of those killer 3-hour meetings where almost nothing gets accomplished and it’s a crazy-making mix of evasion of responsibility and obligation and finger-pointing. Bureaucrats will always be bureaucrats, I suppose, but in the process, they are slowly raking my darling over hot coals of stress. Good luck, honey. I love you.

2. I hate it when Asher cries when I drop him off at the sitters’. It is part of the normal process and completely age-appropriate for him to do so. And I know he does not pine for me while I’m gone as much as he would like me to believe. Still it rends my heart into little pieces to hear him sobbing as I walk out the door. The upside: without him around, I can think and work, and be myself for a little window of time.

3. Art class is fun! Our teacher is a little … well … maybe it’s a hard thing to teach people how to draw. She says stuff like “See this line from here to here is the same as this line from here to here” while she moves a dry-erase pen over a white board, and by the time you look up from your own drawing paper to try to see what she’s talking about, she’s moved on to something else. You miss all the “here”s and “this line”s and it’s like listening to a foreign language made up of unclear nouns and pronouns. “Say what?” Nevertheless, we enjoyed our fifth drawing class last night. We’re now working on drawing faces in profile. We all drew Audrey Hepburn and I drew Lee Iacoca afterward. I’m happier with Lee than with Audrey. I find that I can’t stand to go super-slow. I have an impulse to keep moving and work quickly with bold strokes. I don’t know what that means about me. Maybe a handwriting expert could say …

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  • dizzyburner
    March 14, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    I never realized how strange Audrey Hepburn’s nose was until last night.


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