Visit to Flora Grubb Gardens

Flora Grubb Gardens

Back in September — gosh, yes, really that long ago — Ian and I took a wonderful weekend jaunt to San Francisco. We visited friends and the MOMA and saw some yummy city sights. Our friends know how much I love nurseries, so we paid a visit to Flora Grubb Gardens. I have been thinking about this glorious place off and on for months. Now, I don’t whether it is the springtime weather that’s got me thinking about this place so much or the fact that I really, really need another weekend away with my husband.

Flora Grubb Gardens

You know it’s a magical place when everything you see—natural or man-made—looks like art.


Oncidium orchids in red pots. Fiery and gorgeous.

Purple Wandering Jew at Flora Grubb

Purple wandering jew.

Flag of Succulents

Little regiments of succulents. I need some of these hens and chicks.

Passion Flower Vine

Passion fruit vines with flowers that look like they were designed by my 9-year-old to transform into laser turrets.

Flora Grubb

Yumminess at every turn.

Pots of Color

Lots of modern, hipster stuff too.


Junk becomes art with the right application of air plants.

Me at Flora Grubb Gardens

This giant wall of succulents is dreamy. I want one sooooooo bad.

Flora Grubb Gardens

Fair bromeliad, let down your hair!

Awesomest Car Art Ever

And this, my dears, is the Flora Grubb piece de resistance!

Awesomest Car Art Ever

A beautiful, beat-up car (Chevy? no idea!) completely planted out.  It was so big, I couldn’t fit the whole thing in my frame.

Awesomest Car Art Ever

Now I know this is not for everybody’s yard, but—really— how cool is this? It’s wonderfully creative, whimsical, green upcycling at its best.

Honestly, I loved this place, so if you’re ever in San Francisco, check it out. Oh, and it appears that they do wedding flowers.

3 Responses to “Visit to Flora Grubb Gardens”

  • Christine
    April 18, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    What a cool place! Not too far from us, so we might have to pay a visit.


    • Sara
      April 24, 2012 at 1:12 pm

      Christine, I hope you do go! If you do, will you take photos and let me know?


  • Christine
    April 25, 2012 at 11:03 pm



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