War Protest

I’m considering going to this war protest tomorrow. If I manage to go, I plan to take a camera and take pictures of my son protesting war. I want to make a consciencious objector file for him and add to it all his life. Hopefully, when Lucas is 18, there will be no war anywhere to fight, but in case there is, I want proof that he’s not suited to fight in it.

Anybody want to join us?
The Sacramento chapter of Code Pink is starting up now, FYI.

This Saturday, March 11th, from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm, we’ll build upon the
spectacular, colorful, energetic gathering of political voices that we had
at 16th & Broadway last weekend. (see
http://sf.indymedia.org/news/2006/03/1725300.php )

Once again, we’ll join forces and hold a major
anti-war/anti-Bush/pro-democracy rally, rain or shine.

Saturday’s event is the second of three consecutive Saturday rallies at 16th
& Broadway. As we approach the third anniversary of the US-led/UN-opposed
invasion of Iraq, let’s increase the momentum of our demand to end the war!

Please bring compelling signs and displays. Although our focus is to end
the war, impeach Bush, and promote democracy, please feel free to draw
attention to any injustice perpetuated by this administration: there are too
many to enumerate here!

We’ll repeat our theme of international and cross-cultural solidarity for
our opposition to the war; so we encourage people to bring flags of
different nations; and we encourage people from all cultural, religious and
occupational groups–whether Muslims, doctors, soldiers, nurses, nuns,
rabbis, priests–to come wearing relevant attire.

To ensure another charged atmosphere with full participation, please forward
this to others, and bring your friends, banners, flags, signs, art,
instruments, and cultural, religious or occupational attire to 16th &
Broadway this Saturday.

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you!


Stephen and Virginia Pearcy
Sacramento for Democracy
Veterans for Peace/Chapter 87
Not in Our Name Coalition/Sacramento
Sacramento Coalition to End the War
Code Pink/Davis Chapter
Code Pink/Sacramento Chapter
Physicians for Social Responsibility/Sacramento Chapter


Stephen Pearcy, Virginia Pearcy
Email: stephen.pearcy@sbcglobal.net
Telephone: (510) 559-3118, (916) 444-8314

Karen Bernal
Email: nekochan99@hotmail.com


Note: Please use on-street parking (which is free) instead of Tower
Records/Cafe/Theater customer lots.

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