We Are Home Again

Man, it requires a lot of reading to catch up with all of you!
Happy belated birthday to Mars, Tshuma, and Tish-Tash.
Dakini, I’m so sorry to hear Taf passed away. Thank you for looking after our home while we were gone.
Pirategrl, sorry about your job.
Congratulations, FLC. You rock.
Grlfury, damn your mom! She has no idea what she is wasting with you.
Parnasus, I didn’t get your vm til middle of today. Sorry I couldn’t babysit.
Chilipantz, I know you will find the right path.
Love to all of you (and all those I didn’t mention here). We missed our friends.

We arrived home last night at around 10:30. We are safe and happy. Had a fabulous time in Hawaii. I’ll have to write about it soon, before the memories of it fade. It already seems kind of dreamlike and super-sunny and unreal.

Lucas is a super traveler. I am so proud of how he dealt with being away from home, sleeping in a strange bed, airports, swimming in the ocean, etc. He was a trooper and I’m very proud he’s my son. Ian is gorgeous, tan and off work today. 🙂

We have exciting plans for today like picking up the mail, shopping at Costco, returning an overdue library book, and doing mountains of laundry…

Oh, and planning our move to Hawaii.

2 Responses to “We Are Home Again”

  • foseelovechild
    January 13, 2006 at 4:57 pm

    YAY You came back! You were missed.


  • parnasus
    January 14, 2006 at 7:52 am

    Welcome home!!!
    I remembered after I called that you were gone, and made other arrangements. I wasn’t sure when you would be back but I certianly would not have thrown a baby at you your first day back had I realized you would be home. The Sun and His Uncle L had a good morning together and the Birthday was just beautiful, Tish-Tash is just in her zone at school, it was really refreshing to see.
    I am glad you are home, I hope we can have you guys over for dinner soon now that we are settling into the new house a bit.
    Love you sweetie!!


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